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Apprenticeship Data Insights is available for comment and to provide advice to journalists covering apprenticeships in England. Our expert, Nick Linford, will be more than happy to discuss your queries or provide a comment. You’ll find below some of our most recent press cuttings.

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2 January 2022

Times Radio

Director of ADI, Nick Linford, interviewed about the rising popularity of degree apprentices amongst the middle classes

23 November 2022

BBC Radio 4

Director of ADI, Nick Linford, interviewed on BBC Radio 4 World at One about ADI analysis that found Ofsted grades lower for workplace learning than in the classroom.

6 November 2022

Financial Times

Headline: Apprenticeships in England deliver lowest quality of further education, analysis finds

13 October 2022

FE Week

Headline: DfE forced to finally reveal true amount of apprenticeship funding returned to Treasury