Data shared by DfE or ESFA with Ofsted

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By Nick Linford

I am trying to get an understanding or what apprenticeship information the ESFA and/or DfE provide Ofsted – for the purposes of determining which providers to inspect and for the individual inspections.

Please can I have information on:

> What apprenticeship related information/data the ESFA and/or DfE share with Ofsted

> How and when this information/data is shared

> What Ofsted uses this information/data for

> All information/data shared by ESFA and/or DfE to Ofsted in relation to the 28 June – 1 July 2022 inspection of New London Educational Trust (URN 1236939)

Note: I’ve selected this provider simply as their inspection report was published this week.


From Ofsted

Response should be by 22 November